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It was a sunny day in Aberystwyth last Friday. I went up to town during my lunch hour to use up the last of the shots I had left of ‘Impossible’  film loaded into my polaroid camera. I decided to go to the castle as it has some great views of the sea and I thought I might get some good shots as the light was so good that day. I have found that this film hates low light conditions, which is how its mainly been here for the last two months or so, what with all the low cloud and rainy days etc. But the camera is tricky to use as it doesn’t like sunny conditions either!  Judging by other peoples images I think that there may be a problem with the camera… I will try to get hold of a different one and use the same type of film again (money permitting!) and see how the results are. Still I’m fairly happy with the ones I took below, they didn’t turn out too bad.

Tanybwlch beach Aberystwyth


I took this shot looking south towards Tanybwlch beach from Aberystwyth castle. The Sun seems to have bleached out this image but the sea and the headland are still visible.


Aberystwyth pier


This is Aberystwyth pier which is still a popular local entertainment venue for the town with a night club, snooker hall and restaurant (and 50,000 + Starlings roosting under it in winter!)

Under the pier


Unfortunately this image came out very dark (I know, low light) but I still think the underside of the pier structure can be perceived. Its also pretty smelly down there what with the 50,000+ Starlings that roost there, that’s a lot of bird poo!

Talk to you again soon!




Recently I have been experimenting with an old polaroid camera that I bought for a fiver; good job too as the film from the ‘Impossible project’ costs £17.00 inc p&p! So every picture counts…

These images are using the ‘Impossible project’ film and are of the War Memorial in Aberystwyth. I took them because I have always thought that the Angel on the top looks as if she is just about to launch herself off the top of the tower. And the women below also looks as if she its just about to jump off too. It is a very striking monument; very classical in its design and considered one of the most beautiful in Britain.  Here is a link to its history if you want to find out more about it

Aberystwyth Angels

Aberystwyth War Memorial

’till next time!:)


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